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What is Air Zoning?
Air Zoning is a method of heating, cooling and ventilating your home by utilizing multiple thermostats and motorized air volume dampers connected to a single central forced air duct system, and allowing you to individually set different temperatures in the different areas of your home.

How Does Air Zoning Work?
Air Zoning is simply a way of dividing your home into areas with similar heating and cooling requirements. Every home has at least two zones; the living area and sleeping area, which are seldom used at the same time. Others are typically divided between upstairs and downstairs, master and kids bedrooms, formal living room, dining room, family room and kitchen. Each area is often occupied at different times and has different heating and cooling loads.

Air Zoning is accomplished by using automatic dampers in the ducts in each zone. Each zone is controlled by a thermostat that controls it’s damper, and the heating/cooling unit provides conditioned air only to those required zones. The dampers to the zones that are satisfied will close, saving energy. Automatic setback thermostats allow you to program each thermostat to reach different temperatures during various times of the day.

The Benefits of Air Zoning
It’s simply not possible for one thermostat to provide ideal comfort in every room. What’s comfortable for the bedroom may be too warm for the family room. Air Zoning offers the easy, affordable, economical solution. Air Zoning divides the house into areas with similar heating and cooling requirements with each zone being controlled by its own thermostat. The result is total comfort, no matter where you are inside your home, heating or cooling only the rooms that are needed, and wasting less energy.

Energy Savings You Can Bank On!
By heating or cooling only those rooms you’ll be using, Air Zoning absolutely allows you to conserve energy. Consider the alternative in most homes, whereby one thermostat controls the temperature of the entire house; rooms not in use are needlessly being heated or cooled thus wasting energy and costing you money. An old wise tale says to leave your thermostat set and maintain a constant temperature continually, which is untrue. It cost much less to heat up a cold house where the thermostat has been off than to leave the setting the same all the time. This also goes for cooling. Always shut off the heating or cooling in areas not in use to maximize energy savings.
The energy savings with Air Zoning can exceed 30% when optimally operated. This kind of savings exceeds any savings derived from upgrading to higher efficient equipment. However, to realize energy savings in excess of 40%, it is suggested that you install programmable thermostats in each zone and upgrade to high efficient equipment.

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